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Blackjack "Hot Table"

5 Feb 2011

Blackjack is a game which is popular all over the world. It is played by everybody. People of different nationalities and political views prefer to gamble blackjack. If you are the blackjack player you have heard about such concept as "Hot Table". But not everybody exactly understands what does it mean "hot table" and from where such term has come from. It seems that this word started to use in the Hollywood films.

Some people used to think that the term "hot table" means that the gaming odds are more favorable at some blackjack table and the players have the possibility to win more than usual. Some people say when the players are happy and smiling while playing that means that they probably are playing at hot table because when people are in good mood it means that they are winning. Moreover, some experts suggest avoiding tables where the gamblers look gloomy and sad.

Hot Table Signs

  • The dealer has a little number of chips. It means that he has been given them to the winning gamblers.
  • The players who sit at the table smile. Happy gamblers mean the winning table.
  • The gambler doesn't look at the other blackjack tables and don't look for changing his or her place.
  • When the players have a lot of chips, it is the great chance to gamble with winners isn't it?
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