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College Proffesor Uses Blackjack in Teaching

18 Feb 2011

College Professor Uses Blackjack Game

The mathematics professor from Albion College in Michigan Mark Boltman created the innovative and new method which presupposes to use blackjack game in order to teach students the probabilities and statistics several years ago. The students of Mark Boltman studied a lot of factors which could make profits for the land based gambling houses with the inclusion of house edge and the practiced blackjack game strategies by means of different software. After some period of time the professor modified and improved his course in order to make it more practical. Later Mark Boltman has introduced it in the Mount Pleasant which is based on Soaring Eagle Casino that allows gambling even 18 year olds.

The professor explained that it is very hard to recreate the situation when the player loses in the classroom. There is no gambling atmosphere and the students play and practice without any risk. He explains that the sensation of the risk in the game is the essential part of the educational process. That is why his students need to take the risks or simply gamble. That is why his classes were hold in the nearest land based gambling house. The students of Mark Boltman weren't required to play with their own money but still they had the choice. Some of the learners could lost $130 and win nearly $400.

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