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Hi/Lo Card Counting System

11 Jan 2011

Why do so many people like blackjack? It can be explained by a simple fact: there is no fixed house edge. And your winning depends on the specific cards` counting. There are many counting systems that can really help you. We give you the most profitableone which has proved to be extremely important for a great number of blackjack players.We will provide you with sufficient information on the easiest card counting method among the balanced counting systems. Hi/Lo method serves the basis for more complicated counting systems. Hi/Lo betting is known as point counting. You just give cards a value of -1, +1 or 0,it depends on a certain card dealt.Below you may see the value for each card in a deck:

If you get a higher count, you receive more winning odds. It is very important for you because the dealer may bust and you will be able to receive strong hands. While having a high count, you should immediately increase your bet. But this must be done in a careful way as many casinos can easily detect when a player starts increasing the bet size.

Remember!The more cards are dealt and counted, the more accurate Hi/Low counting method is. This means that you may get strong hands and the dealer may bust!

Card Counting Tips

  1. You are strongly advised to count cards at home or with friends before going to casinos. You must feel confident before using your method among other people and in casino areas.
  2. It is worth practicing to count down the entire decks. You know that the entire deck has to end up with such count as zero, so while practicing you may easily see whether you have managed to reach this count or not. Try to count as fast as you can as this will certainly help you during playing in casinos.
  3. Remember that you should think logically and never reveal your emotions as they can block your logical thinking.
  4. Don`t drink alcohol drinks! It is the first step to lose count.
  5. Try to concentrate on the play and your counting. But do not show that you are too concentrated, you may joke sometimes.

Is Card Counting Illegal?

It may sound strange but card counting is absolutely legal. The matter is that in this kind of activity you use your brain and rely on it only. Counting in your brain is not law breaking as you do not use some electronic devices to interfere with a game. Such fact cannot make any casino happy and in most cases is the reason for being beaten. Thus, many casinos invent different kinds of detective systems. For example, in many casinos you may see some people who watch your play. In a case of being caught while counting, you may be banned. Still there are a lot of people who count regardless of awareness and precautions. And such people do manage to win at such exciting and involving game as blackjack!

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