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Online Blackjack Gambling Trends


It is obvious that today blackjack gambling predominates in the market of gambling industry. During the period of economic crisis casino gamblers have understood the positive points of online blackjack gambling. There is no doubt that it is much more economically convenient to play in online blackjack casino rather than waste your money and time on flying to Atlantic City, Las Vegas or other gambling destinations. Besides, at online casino you get bonuses on gambling which also help you to save some money.

Statistics says that in 2010, offline blackjack gambling casinos have suffered some losses while the online blackjack casinos have managed to get high incomes, and the number of these casinos continues to grow rapidly. The virtual blackjack gambling emerges very quickly and it appears that 2011 will also become profitable for online casinos owners as well as to online players who are involved in blackjack online money gaming. The professional investment forecast is that in 2011 online gambling corporations will be the main choice for the investors of stock market.

Blackjack Gambling - Choosing Casino Peculiarities

If you prefer playing blackjack, you are probably interested in the main criteria you may apply while choosing blackjack gambling casinos. We've decided to give you the material that will help you to choose the right casino. Actually, there are two main things you have to pay attention to when you are involved in choice of the game to play. One of them concerns casino and the other - the game itself. The most important things are the casino payout percentage and number of decks used in the games.

Payout Percentage in Gambling Blackjack

You are always recommended to pay attention to the payout percentage - the amount of money which casino pays back to the gamblers for the amount of revenue they get. For instance, if the casino payout percentage is 96 percent, it means that the casino pays back $96 from every $100 it gets. In this case casino has profit of $4. Remember that you should be involved in gambling blackjack at such casinos which have a high payout percentage (94-97%).

Number of Decks Employed at Gambling Blackjack

Take into account that the least number of card decks are used in the game, the fewer cards you have to compete against in your hand. You are advised to be involved in such gambling blackjack games in which the least number of decks is used. In case of having one deck of fifty-two cards, you have to hit a 10 in order to complete your hand, you have sixteen in the deck to hit and thirty-six to miss. Having two decks will heavily influence the blackjack game and certainly decrease your winning odds. It means that you need thirty-two cards to hit a 10 and seventy-two cards to miss. Remember - the more decks are used, the lower chances to win you have.


The most ideal variant for you to start gambling is to pay attention to the payout percentage and the numbers of decks employed in the game. Many casinos have their own blackjack gambling rules, so be very attentive when you choose the casino at which you would like to play. The most ideal blackjack gambling casinos are those with the highest payout percentage and the lowest number of card decks employed. And do not forget - casino should offer you some bonuses for registration and permanent gambling!