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Black Jack Game - Interesting Facts

There is no doubt that blackjack game is an extremely popular casino game today. There are some interesting facts about this game that you probably didn`t know. Below you may get acquainted with some crucial points that you should know in order to be good at this game.

  • Initially blackjack game was called vingt-et-un, that means "21" in French
  • The inventor of one popular blackjack card counting strategy was Al Franesco, a professor from Massachusetts, who made huge amounts of money with his MIT team.
  • Napoleon was the person who extremely liked the game blackjack. He often played the game with his friends and well-known authoritative personalities.
  • When Thorpe published his famous book Beat the Dealer: A Winning Strategy for the Game, it generated a great game popularity. This book gave the detailed info on the process of game with mathematical references with the help of which people could count cards in the game. A lot of people started to play and win at blackjack game. Because of that, many casinos started to change some blackjack rules. As a result, new game blackjack variations appeared.
  • Blackjack game was not legally played in the US at the turn of the 19th century. It was played underground until 1939 when the state of Nevada started to legalize gambling activity.
  • Some terms of blackjack game take their origin in baseball game. These terms are "first base" and "third base".
  • The Blackjack Hall of Fame is situated in San Diego at Barona Casino.
  • The least number of card decks is the best for players. Playing blackjack with fewer decks, you increase your chances for winning. Casinos know this, so they tend to change the game rules a little bit and start to play with up to 8 card decks.

Game Blackjack Psychology

Skills in the blackjack game are a vital thing that influences player`s winning chances. But the matter is that the skills are not the only thing which can turn you into a blackjack game winner. One of crucial points that influence the game is the blackjack psychology. 21 game psychology is also a key to achieve desirable game results. Nobody has doubt that human behavior heavily influences gambling and especially those games which are played with people. If you know some things that may distract you while you are gambling, you will greatly minimize your chances to win the game. So, what are the main distractive points in the blackjack game? Below you are given some typical distractions that decrease player's winning chances:

Playing with New Players

If you always blame somebody in your bad luck, you will never be able to win. Keep in mind that bad luck is a part of casino and blackjack gambling. In this case you`d better think about your own mistakes you make in the process of gaming.

Playing with Fear

If you start playing game blackjack with fear that you may lose any time, it will certainly won`t help you in winning at the game. If you are full of fear and can`t concentrate on the game, you`d better leave the table and play next time you visit casino.

Playing with Too Much Confidence

If you tend to play with overconfidence, that will not make you a blackjack game winner as well. The matter is that overconfidence will prevent you from the blackjack game concentration. As a result, you won`t be able to make the necessary decisions.