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Existing Counting Systems


You probably know that there is such a phenomenon as card counting. Card counting is really popular nowadays as it certainly increases your winning odds in blackjack game. Card counting is a strategy that is used in blackjack to get an advantage over the house while playing at casinos. Don`t be afraid that you will not be able to memorize card counting systems! You will certainly be able to do this as it is pretty easy. We have decided to give you the most widely used and the easiest card counting systems among the complicated ones.

Hi-Lo Card Counting

The Hi-Lo card counting system is considered to be one of the most widely spread among all existing systems. There are also other names of this popular system that are known as High-Low/Plus-Minus. This card counting was introduced by Harvey Dubner, a prominent mathematician and later developed by Professor Edward Throp. This method of card counting is very simple in usage, so it won`t be a problem for you to master it.

Hi-Lo Card Counting Strategy

High cards - tens

Good for the player - Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces

Bad for the player low cards - 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

Here you may see the table of point values for each card:


High-low card counting system is supposed to be a balanced system. Starting counting off at zero, you need to finish your count at zero. This is applied to lower 5 cards that have +1 values, upper 5 cards have such values as - 1, as a result, they can be canceled by each other. If you want to become good at this system, you are recommended to practice the system not in casinos but somewhere outside not to lose your money.

K-O Strategy

One more example of card counting system is K-O that means Knock out Blackjack, or Ken and Olaf. This is an example of unbalanced method of card counting, in which the ending total isn`t a zero.

In K-O strategy the values are the following:


In a real game setting K-O works very easy and effectively. While playing, you need to keep the count in your mind starting with zero. Betting strategy in this system is based on the count of +2. When you reach this count, you should raise or lower your bets.

This system and Hi-Lo card counting system are supposed to be the easiest ones. They serve for functioning more complicated card counting systems. If you are pretty fluent in blackjack, these systems are certainly for you. Moreover, if you want to deepen your blackjack counting knowledge, these systems are also for you.