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1. Is it possible to find the best odds at blackjack?

Absolutely. The odds are strongly dependent on the particular blackjack variation and its rules. Actually, a player may get the advantage at every type of blackjack. For more information check the Blackjack Odds article.

2. Which blackjack basic strategy is correct?

There is one and only that is correct with the established common rules. You can easily find it on our Basic Blackjack Strategy page. However, you should remember that the rules of this game and its variations may vary from one casino to another. Thus, according to this aspect the basic strategy can be also slightly changed.

3. In what way the decisions of other players at the table influence your advantages or an absence of those?

In no way. The thing is that the playing manner of other players and their decisions cannot affect and help you either. You shouldn't consider their steps since those don't have any influence on your game.

4. Which are better: single-deck or multi-deck games?

It depends. The multi-deck game always has a slight disadvantage in comparison with a single deck game with similar rules. The reason of this is the process of cards removal which is of much bigger importance in a one deck game than in games of many decks. Though, it is easier to better conditions and rules in multi-deck blackjack games.

5. Card counting is considered to be illegal, isn't it?

Card counting is simply a using of brain by smart, skillful and professional players. Although all casinos do not regard card counters with favour, they are free to use their great ability in order to win.

6. Is it obvious to play online blackjack with other players?

No, it's not. Online blackjack is usually played between you and the dealer. In case you want to play with other gamblers just choose the certain option at online casino.

7. What's the secret of winning at blackjack?

The main thing you are trying to do during the gaming process is to gain an advantage of situation. There are three components which are necessary for this: skills, risk and bankroll. Remember, the more you play - the better your skills are honed.

8. Which place is better to sit at blackjack table?

Well, in case you want to apply the basic strategy at blackjack the place doesn't matter. But if you are a card counter it is better to choose the third base from where you will have the possibility to see particularly the cards before playing.