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Blackjack Glossary - Game Terminology

Advantage player
The player that uses basic blackjack strategies in order to gain the math advantage over the casino

A seat to the dealer's right which is traditionally taken last of all

A player or dealer that distributes and accepts payouts and wagers

The money aimed for gambling at the blackjack table

Basic Strategy
The strategy which is used in order to increase an advantage during the game

Burn Cards
The cards discarded by a dealer after the shuffling process

A hand exceeded 21 which is technically loss (another term - break)

Card Sharp
A person who deals with cards easily

Card Counting
The process of counting cards during the game each of which has the certain value. Also the process of remembering is involved: the counter keeps in mind which cards were discarded and try to predict the next card.

Splitting the deck in order to provide a randomization

Double Down
Placing the second bet on a gaming table which the player choose as a solution for his cards. The player can also get an additional card. This is a good decision only if a player feels confident he can win. The doubling down rules may vary.

Early Surrender
Surrender allowed before a dealer checks for 21.

Even Money
The bet which will return you the wagered money back

Face Cards
Kings, Queens and Jacks

Face Down/Up Game
One/two of player's cards are placed face up

First Base
The first seat on the dealer's left. Sitting on the first base the player will be first to take get the card

Hard Hand
This is also called Hard Total, a hand that doesn't contain an ace. An ace's value is 1 in the hard hand, in case a player receives one while playing

Side bet which is up to the half of initial bet against a dealer having natural 21. Insurance commonly can be offered only of the dealer's up card is the Ace. In case a dealer has natural an insurance bet winning is doubled.

This is when a player takes another card for helping himself towards the total of 21\

If you play blackjack, you need to gain 21 in total. During the natural hand the player is dealt 21 on the initial deal.

The hand that contains at least seventeen points, so a player hasn't over stepped the points that he needs for winning.

Shuffle Up
The shuffling used by a dealer in order to prevent a card counting

Standing Hand
The same as Stand. The player is not allowed to take another card.

A situation when a player yields himself defeated

Third Base
= Anchor

True Count
During the card counting the term is applied to the established amount of cards which is going to be introduced in the game.

The card which is face up in front of the dealer (his first card) due to which the players may see the possible options and chose to continue their game or not.