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How to Play Blackjack: Blackjack Rules

There are many of gamblers who like and know how to play the blackjack game. Without any doubt there are also those who want to try themselves at this card game. Thus, we have decided to devote one of our pages to understandable and clear information on how to play blackjack. The last can come in handy to beginners as well as to the card players, who want to clarify some hazy details about the game.

First Steps You Have to Do

First of all, choose an appropriate gaming table to play at. There are few things you should remember at this stage. The first essential point in how to play blackjack, every player should pay his attention to is a table sign which declares the betting limits. Player should find the table with suitable bet sizes. There is a common phenomenon, by the way, that tables with lower limits are crowded. Here the colors of table signs identify the minimal bets at those: black for $ 100, green for $ 25 and red for $ 5. The next step in choosing the table is to consider which one of blackjack variations you want to play. If you are a beginner we'd rather suggest choosing some 'shoe' game which involves 8 or 6 decks. The section of "blackjack how to play" is essential for learning - keep that in mind as well.


Secondly, a player has to purchase chips for the further playing. This is the easiest part - just put some cash on the gaming table in front of you and do not try to pass the money right in the dealer's hands. The dealer will take the cash by himself and exchange it on chips for you. Do not also expect to get a change back.

Then make a bet. At every blackjack table Casinos offers there is a box or circle for bets in front of players. Place the desired bet inside a circle in the stack. In case of betting the several chips denominations the chips of smaller value should be placed on the top of the stack. Remember that you cannot touch the bet when the cards are dealt.

Blackjack How to Play

The aim of a player at blackjack is to get the higher card total then the dealer has and at the same time the total shouldn't exceed 21. Moreover a player should take advantage of different opportunities that arise during the gaming process for the wage increasing.

During every soft or hard hand the blackjack player has to make the decision concerning his further actions that may include 'stand' (pass a card), 'hit' (take), 'split' (divide a pair of hands into two), 'surrender' (a player gives up a half bet and retires) or 'double' (doubling a wager).

The cards at blackjack have certain natural value. While learning how to play blackjack you will see that the face cards (the King, Queen and Jack) are counted as 10, the Aces have a value of 1 or 11 depending on player's interest. In case a hand value is more than 21 iplayer busts, and the bet is lost. After all players have made their decisions the dealer reveals his second card. If the dealer's total is under 16 he is obliged to take one more card or in other words to hit. If he has the cards a total of which equals 17 he simply stands. The blackjack dealer cannot make any other decisions similar to the players' which have been listed above, though rules on action to do when dealer has 17 may vary according to the casino, variation and table.

If the dealer loses, the remaining bets should be paid out to players as 1:1. In case the casino dealer doesn't bust, the winning bet is that which hand is higher than a dealer's and the losing is the one which hand is lower. If the 'push' or 'standoff' take place the bet is returned to players.

Possible decisions

  • Hit - taking the additional card from blackjack dealer
  • Stand - remaining the same quantity of cards (also called 'stay' or 'stick')
  • Double Down - an increasing of the primary bet up to 100% which is made for exchange on 'stand' decision available after receiving of one more card.
  • Split - player have the possibility to split his two initial cards into 2 hands. He has to move an equal bet on the table for the additional hand which has just appeared. Then the dealer draws a next card on every player's card that was split.
  • Surrender - a player can yield himself defeated. As the result a casino takes a half of the player's bet and returns him back the other half.

Taking into consideration the complicacy of those decisions which in addition should be made very quickly during the gaming process, there is normally a basic blackjack strategy offered for the beginners' convenience and increasing their blackjack odds. Once you figure out how to play blackjack, you will see that it implies some appropriate solutions which should always take or not take place at the game. And always play best online slots here!