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Pontoon Blackjack Game


The Pontoon game is considered to be one more interesting variation of blackjack. Pontoon Blackjack is rising in popularity and winning players' spurs. This game can be found in each online casino nowadays, so it deserves a proper attention. Thus, undoubtedly, you are interested in it and want to study how to play this game. The game comes from Britain it is closely connected with the ordinary blackjack. And in this variation you can also apply card counting systems. All gamblers are acquainted with the rules of regular blackjack but in the Pontoon Blackjack some differences exist which should be known by each player before he/she takes part in the game. In the following points we will explain you the main rules of the exciting game - Pontoon Blackjack.

Pontoon Blackjack Rules

  • Pontoon plays with 8 standard decks, and all cards have the same value as in regular blackjack.
  • Pontoon pays 2:1 on the original wager.
  • Dealer always wins all ties; also it includes Pontoons and 5-card hands.
  • When the wager has been placed, each gambler gets 2 cards face up but the dealer receives 2 cards face down.
  • Next step of the dealer is to check if there is a Pontoon (or Blackjack) in his cards and if there is one, all wagers are lost.
  • Players are able to hit, it is known in Pontoon Blackjack as "Twist" at any point, even after doubling down.
  • The gamblers may double down on 2, 3, or 4 card hand, but the double down can be made once per hand. It is also allowed to double on split hands.
  • The dealer will twist on soft 17's.

Look at the following table, all cards and their values are explained here.


Pontoon Terms

  • Pontoon - Blackjack
  • Twist - Hit
  • Buy - Double Down (The player is able to redouble on hands of 2-4 cards one more you may hit afterwards doubling down, such thing is not allowed in the ordinary Blackjack)
  • Stick - Stand

You see that Pontoon Blackjack game online casino Canada sites is almost the same as European Blackjack though some terms are a little bit changed. If you are a specialist and play blackjack in a good way you can just look through the rules of Pontoon several times and then try to play this game. In Pontoon Blackjack the player is still hoping and trying to build a hand that will be better than the dealer's and without exceeding of 21 points.