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Spanish 21 Blackjack Variation

This game is known as another variation of blackjack. Some people say that Spanish 21 is better game in comparison with traditional blackjack. This game was created to attract inveterate gamblers with relentless pursuit for new winnings. This game variation has some very specific rules which make it very attractive for playing. If both a player and a dealer have 21, the player wins. What a fantastic game! If you have a burning desire to play something different than blackjack (but not too much different), Spanish 21 is the game you are looking for.

Rules of Spanish 21

What makes Spanish 21 different from classic black jack game? Rules of Spanish 21 are a bit different to those of the original blackjack. First of all, in Spanish deck you will see 48 cards only. Secondly, this deck lacks 4 tens (this may also have some pros and cons). But both Spanish 21 and blackjack are played on the blackjack table with a custom layout. Here we give you the principal rules of this game:

  • 6 to 8 decks are mostly used
  • Players are allowed to double after splitting allowance
  • Players can draw some cards after they have split Aces
  • Player is allowed to split 3 times in order to make four hands
  • Dealer is to hit on soft 17
  • A dealer may surrender after splitting

Bonus Games

You have to know that Spanish 21 in most cases has many bonus games combined with extra side bets that go together with a typical game. One of the most popular such bonus games is Match the Dealer side bet. You can win this bet in case if one or two of preliminary cards make a match with the dealer`s face up cards. But be aware that in some casinos rules of bonus games may be a bit different. You just have to find out more information about the casinos games` offers and the rules of bonus games.

Spanish 21 Tips

  • Understand that you have some advantages in this game in comparison with blackjack. We mean the possibility of splitting Aces and more than 1 card on each. One more advantage is that you are allowed to have back the half of your wager in case you are not satisfied with the double-down card. Do not forget about your advantages and try to apply them in your playing!
  • Get to know about all possible bonus payouts that are offered by Spanish 21. If you are going to play in certain casino (it doesn`t matter whether it is land based or online), use all available sources to learn more information about the payout percentage in Spanish 21. This will certainly increase your winning odds.
  • Don't take reading some charts as completely useless thing! Reading charts will definitely help you to be good at playing Spanish 21.
  • Try to play such Spanish 21 games in which you are allowed to redouble. If redoubling is not allowed, you just double the edge of house.