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Splitting Pairs

Splitting pairs strategy is of a great importance in playing blackjack. This strategy allows you to double a bet when it is the most favorable for you (when there is a high probability of winning). We will help you to realize the most important rules in splitting pairs.

Guideline for Splitting Pairs

  • Pair of Aces - remember always to split a pair of Aces. This must be done because about 30% of cards in one deck have a value of 10, thus you have a good chance to hit two more cards with 10 hand value
  • Pair of Face Cards - you are recommended not to split because it is a winning hand (value of 20)
  • Pair of Nines - always split despite everything. Again, do not forget that about 30% of cards are 10-value cards. If you split, you will certainly be able to improve your hand. But you have to keep in mind that you shouldn`t split if the dealer has such up cards as Ace, 7 or 10. Why do we recommend you to act in such a way? Just because you have high odds to promote further.
  • Pair of Eights - in most cases you are advised to split eights. If you split, you can take a stiff hand.
  • Pair of Sevens - this pair should be splat if the dealer shows a 2 through 7. There is approximately 56% chance that you may bust, so why not to try? But if the dealer has 18 or more, you may waste your time.
  • Pair of Sixes - splitting the sixes provides you with 2 hands that cannot bust in a case of getting one more card. But you should only split if sixes versus the dealer 2 through 6.
  • Pair of Fives - you are advised not to split in this case. You`d better play fives basing on the strategy for a hard total of 10.
  • Pair of Fours - it is better not to split. You may only split if the dealer up card is 5 or 6.
  • Pair of Threes or Deuces - we recommend you to split if the dealer`s up card is 4, 5, 6 or 7.

It is worth knowing that splitting pairs can be restricted by some casinos (land based or online). Before playing you should get familiar with the rules of how to play blackjack in order to avoid potential losses.

It is clear that basic blackjack strategy for splitting pairs is aimed at learning the splitting we have given you. It is necessary to remember that feeling confident is not enough to play blackjack, you must also take into account all the splitting pairs strategy we have shown you above.

Remember! Gambling competency for the most part does not depend on a good or bad luck. It is about optimal set of choices that are predetermined by the strategy you are choosing for your game.