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Blackjack Switch Game

Blackjack Switch is one of the blackjack variations. Players can play 2 hands at the same time with bets that have the same amount for each hand. In most cases the right hand is played at the beginning. Players can make selections in switching the second cards free strip blackjack game - freeblackjackdoc.com. This wonderful game is in a great demand today and many players consider it to be extremely interesting. In this game you are allowed to play in the way which is supposed to be some kind of cheating (but don't confuse it with the card counting systems) in classic blackjack.

The main principal of this game is that you play two hands and you are allowed to switch cards between these hands to get the best card combination for winning.

Blackjack Switch Rules

  1. There are 6 or 8 decks which are in usage.
  2. Cards are dealt face up.
  3. A player can double after splitting.
  4. A player can also double on any two cards.
  5. A player is to make bet of equal size.
  6. A player can re-split up to 4 hands.
  7. A dealer should hit soft 17.
  8. A player has to play two hands.
  9. If a dealer total of 22 pushes against a player with 21 or less, a player`s blackjack still beats a 22 from a dealer.

Black Switch Strategy

To play Blackjack Switch properly, you should know some basic strategies. In comparison with traditional blackjack, there are only some cases in blackjack when doubling/splitting can be rewarded and more cases when it is better to hit at the risking to be busted. We offer you to check out Basic Strategy chart and compare it to the basic Blackjack Switch chart strategy which will definitely come in handy.



S - Stand, D -Double, SP - Split, H - Hit