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Multi-Hand Blackjack


Multi-Hand Blackjack is an interesting variety of popular blackjack game. In this game the gamblers play with five decks of cards. This distinction of the game makes it unique; players are able and encouraged to play up to 5 both hard and soft hands at the same time. Similarly to other blackjack game variations, the Multi-Hand Blackjack is a gambling card game where players play against a dealer not other players.

Firstly, each player makes bets, and then each of the players is dealt with 2 cards. Leaning on the up-card of the dealer and their own cards, gamblers should decide to stand, double down, hit or take insurance.

Differences between Multi-Hand and Standard Blackjack

In spite of the fact that standard blackjack rules are mostly known all over the world, there are some distinctions and specifics in Multi-Hand Blackjack that are important to be clarified. So, let's get familiar with the Multi-Hand Blackjack rules and peculiarities.

  • Five decks of cards are used in Multi-Hand Blackjack.
  • The dealer should stand on a hand that totals 17 or more - it doesn't depends if it "soft 17" or "hard 17"
  • The gamblers can double down on 9, 10 or 11 but there is no possibility to double on a hand totaling a value of eight or less
  • To double or re-split is not possible after a gambler has split his hand
  • Forget about surrendering
  • The dealer does not checkup the player's hole cards until the end of the hand. It is known as a full no peek regulation.
  • A single player is able to play up to five hands straight away

How to Play Multi Hand Blackjack

All face cards (Kings, Queens and Jacks) are worth of ten (10) and the Aces can have a value of one or eleven. Multi-hand Blackjack foresees that your hand includes an Ace and a card which is worth of ten. This is the strongest hand in this variation of Blackjack, that is why it automatically stands, besides, you can't beat such combination, only match.

Winning at Multi-Hand Blackjack

Every hand in Multi-Hand blackjack can be examined as an independent play against the dealer. The player can bet different sums of money on each hand. You may use various blackjack strategies on each hand. You see that it is possible to gain all of your hands and vice versa to lose all of your hands. Enjoy during the game at Multi-Hand blackjack and remember nothing venture nothing have.