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Blackjack Hard Hand


There are lots of blackjack strategies. If you think that these are very difficult for you, don't panic, most of strategies are simple enough and you can easily remember them and use at any blackjack table. Basic Blackjack strategy is one of the easiest for understanding, so do not be afraid to try it! Just remember that it differs for Hard and Soft hands. So, what is Hard Hand?

Hard Hands in the Blackjack

This type of strategy involves an Ace which is counted as 1 point. In Hard Hand strategy you should always expect and remember that the dealer's down card may be of 10 points and it can change the situation at the table completely.

Guidelines for Hard Hands

Strategy Hard 5-8:

If the general value of your cards implies something among five and eight, you cover a card (request one more card) leave out of account what the dealer up card is. The player is not able to bust here, his hand can be improved.

Strategy Hard 9

If the players` cards have more than nine and the croupier's up card is a two or a seven through 10, a player may hit. When the dealer has 3, 4, 5, or 6 up card, the player must double down.

Strategy Hard 10

Gamblers who have a hard ten are able to hit even if the croupier can shows an Ace or a ten card. When the dealer has another up card from a 10 or an Ace, the gambler will be able to double down. When doubling isn't appropriate here you may hit.

Strategy : Hard 11

If you have the hard 11 and the croupier has an Ace you are obliged to hit. When the dealer doesn't have an ace then the player must augment his or her possible gain by doubling down.

Strategy Hard 12

When the player has in total 12 and the croupier shows 4-6, the player must stand. But the player should hit when the dealer shows another up card.

Strategy Hard 13,14

If the player has in total 13 hand value or 14 and a croupier shows 7-10 or Ace, the gambler should hit. But in case of croupiers up card is two-six the player should stand.

Strategy- Playing Hard 15

The player should hit when the dealer has the seven-nine or an Ace and the player for his part has cards total 15. If the croupier has a 10 a player may hit but, if he has anything else but not 10, the gambler stands.

Strategy - Playing Hard 16

When you play blackjack a hard 16 and the cards of the dealer are two through six, then you will stand. When the dealer is showing a seven or an eight, you should hit. When the croupier is available of nine, ten, Ace the gambler must surrender.

You have become familiar with all these rules and can easily increase your advantage while playing.