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Top blackjack strategies

Knowing when to stick or twist in blackjack is vital to developing a winning formula but very few people understand what to do when a split chance is afforded to them on the table.

A split chance in Blackjack occurs when you’re dealt a pair and you get the option to separate your hand and bet on both cards during the deal. The cards are split into independent hands and you play along betting on both.

This is an uncommon occurrence simply because a pair has a statistically lower chance than other combinations of arising and because of this many online poker players choose the split without thinking because of its novelty value.

Bad move. The split should only be used if it will go in your favour and not to simply add spice to the game. Before you make your decision look at the dealer’s card and consider what they will get.

If the dealer has a 10 or picture card chances are they’re probably going to nail a solid 18+ this hand and so if you’ve a pair of 10s then the simple move is to stick.

However, anything from pair nines to sixes a split is a good idea because, although you are now betting on two fronts, your chances of nailing a strong 19, 20 or 21 are high.

If the dealer’s card is less than eight and you have pairs of twos through to sevens then a split is also a smart move simply because the dealer is likely to come under pressure around the 14-16 mark. Remember, you can stick at any time while the dealer cannot and that is often a great help when planning your strategy.

If you’re a first-timer in the online casino Blackjack lounge and a split option is available on a low pair then why not go for it any see where it takes you. The risk comes when the dealer has a powerful 10 or picture card, for your split may be worthless if you run into the low teens.

Remember, consider your options before making your decision and treat the split like the two separate hands they are. Don’t risk one hand simply because you have another to fall back on because that way even if you win the other hand you’ve not made an advancement in profit.